Gerard Hall SM
Priest, Theologian, Educator

The Purpose of this WEBsite

The aim of this website is simply to make more easily available various writings on areas of mainly theological importance for me.

These include Christology, Practical Theology, Missiology and Interfaith Dialogue – including reflections on “The Apostle of Interfaith Dialogue”, Raimon Panikkar.

While various versions of these writings are elsewhere available – on other websites, journals or books – it is helpful for a disorganised person like myself to have them altogether. It also provides me with opportunity to include other areas of interest such as Marist Studies, Book Reviews, Homilies and Reflections on significant people.

I have also been encouraged by a few people to undertake this task, but especially by my talented webmaster, Yuri Koszarycz, who is gifted with the ability to turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse! Saying this, please note the site will be “a work in progress” either with newer articles written or old ones rediscovered – and, as required, updated.


BA (Macq),1974; MA (CUA),1984; PhD (CUA),2004.

Research Interests

Christology, Mission & Interfaith Dialogue, Practical Theology, Marist Studies, Raimon Panikkar.


I am a country boy from the northern rivers of New South Wales. My parents, Joe & Mary, had a bakery in Wiangaree, near Kyogle where I was born in 1950. I was educated at Wiangaree Public School, St Brigid’s Kyogle and as a boarder at St John’s College Woodlawn. From there I went to the Marist Seminary in Sydney where, apart from studies in philosophy and theology, I completed a degree in English and History at Macquarie University. Following ordination in 1976 I taught at Marist Schools, studied theology at Catholic University of America, taught at Holy Spirit Seminary, Port Moresby PNG, and Catholic Theological Union, Hunters Hill. From 1999 till 2017 I lectured and researched in theology at Australian Catholic University as senior lecturer, head of school and Associate Professor.

Ballina Connections

Ever since I can remember, I have been “going to Ballina”, initially with my parents when growing up as a child on the “north coast”. In 1960, my parents bought a “little shack on the hill” at East Ballina looking over the Pacific Ocean. I would go there as a young lad from Wiangaree and then, as a boarder in Lismore and seminarian in Sydney, for holidays. In 1985 my parents moved there permanently making Ballina the family home to which I would always return.

Priest & Marist

As a member of the Australian Province of the Society of Mary (Marist Fathers), my life has focused on secondary and tertiary education. It has also provided me with opportunity to provide lectures, workshops and retreats in Australia and beyond.  Since 2008, I have been School Chaplain at St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace, Brisbane. I am currently our province’s representative on the Marist Charism Committee.

Theologian & Educator

While my theology is broad-based, I attempt to mediate transcendental-mystical theology (e.g. Karl Rahner) with practical-political theology (e.g. Johann Baptist Metz). The attempt recognises the importance of theological engagement with the social sciences, cultural anthropology, art and literature as well as its more classical partner, philosophy. I was founder and long-term editor of Australian eJournal of Theology.

Practical Theology

Since 2002 I have been a member of the International Academy of Practical Theology and a founder and inaugural fellow of the Association of Practical Theology in Oceania.

Interfaith Dialogue

My doctoral dissertation on Interreligious Scholar, Raimon Panikkar, led me increasingly to concentrate on the theory and practice of Interfaith Dialogue. In 2006-08, I was a member of the Panikkar-led Spirit of Religion project consisting of representatives of twelve religious-spiritual traditions.  In 2010, I was key-organiser for the international conference on Raimon Panikkar and Indigenous Spiritualities at ACU’s Brisbane campus. I have been a member of several ecumenical and interreligious commissions.

Marist Studies

While my entire intellectual and spiritual life is inspired by a Marist approach to living the Gospel, I am a keen student of and modest contributor to the field of Marist Studies. I am also involved in Marist spirituality immersion programmes.


Selective Academic Curriculum Vitae + Publications 1999-2019 may be viewed here.


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