Remembering Joe Hall (1916 – 2016)

The celebration of a life well-lived in faith, hope and love – my father: Joseph Vincent Hall.

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Remembering Fr Pat Reynolds SM (1931- 2001)

Casino-born Australian Marist Father Patrick Reynolds, inspired many by his hidden, humble witness which, for much of his life, was done from a wheelchair.

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Remembering Noel Rowe (1951 – 2007)

A simple tribute to a friend, scholar and fellow-Marist, Noel Rowe, via a poetic-narrative reflection, samples of Noel’s poems along with his and my own brief commentaries. An overview of Noel’s life is presented and recommended collected works detailed.

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Remembering Patrick Anthony Rowe (1950 – 2019)

The life of Patrick Anthony Rowe, a quintessential Australian who spent over half his life in the United States, was celebrated by his Australian friends and family at South West Rocks on 3rd February 2020, more than four months after Pat’s sad but expected death. The tributes, stories and recollections of Patrick form the basis for this memorial for a much admired and truly gifted human being.   Video celebrating Patrick’s Life.

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Remembering Helen Aboody (1942 – 2005)

Helen Aboody, youngest of the Wiangaree Aboody clan and a nurse, was a lover of books, music and the finer things of life.  A small tribute to a person of intelligence, sensitivity, and depth of soul.

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Remembering Scott Eastham  (1949 – 2013)

Scott Eastham – Reflecting on the life of a true scholar, mentor and friend.  Scott Thomas Eastham was an American scholar who taught in North America and New Zealand. A student and astute commentator on the writings of Raimon Panikkar, and a gifted academic in his own right, Scott’s unexpected death during an operation left his wife, family, friends and colleagues across the world in dismay. Here I present two tributes to Scott: one, more personal, written at the time of death; the second, more reflective, outlining Scott’s amazing intellectual vision and gifts.

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Remembering Basil “Chappy” Aboody (1923 – 2005)

Basil “Chappy” Aboody, unofficial Mayor of Wiangaree, raconteur, storekeeper, bookie, fisherman, poet, war veteran, and long-time bachelor before becoming father of six. A small tribute to a man who was always larger than life.

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Remembering Judith Wright – Australian Poet & Prophet (1915 – 2000)

Artist and activist, poet and prophet, Judith Wright’s images have become part of the fabric of our nation. She is the political poet dancing between the mystical experience and the demands of justice, with the mystical and the political intertwined in her poetry and life.

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John Thornhill: Theologian of the Church

This tribute to John Thornhill (1929- ) acknowledges his impressive contribution to theology. His critical-creative dialogue between history, tradition and the contemporary world and church enables him to present the original experience of the Gospel in a fresh and challenging manner. John’s theological imagination is nurtured by his Marist vocation, Vatican II, commitment to ecumenism and awareness of culture. Yet, John is first and foremost a “theologian of the Church”.

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Ultimate Questions

What does it mean to be human? What are our cosmic and human origins? Can we reconcile creation myths with the “Big Bang”? Is it more important to believe in a religion or to live with mystery? How can we explain suffering? Is there really “life after death”? How are notions of truth, beauty, goodness, freedom and conscience interpreted for today’s world? Can one be religious and secular? These and similar questions are explored.

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Mary of the Gospels: True Believer and First Disciple

Rediscovering the historical person, Miriam of Nazareth, is no easy task. Yet, among the biblical images we have of Mary, we find she is depicted as young, betrothed, travelling, pregnant, oppressed, refugee, married, celebrating, mature, widowed, courageous, prayerful, and ministering. She is also depicted as true believer and first disciple.

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A Marian Missionary Spirituality of Prophetic Dialogue

The new understanding of the Church’s missionary role as “prophetic dialogue” is enhanced by a Marian Missionary Spirituality and highlighted with reference to the Magnificat. Various missionary approaches emphasising witness, proclamation and solidarity are deepened and extended in light of such a spirituality. This is an adapted version of Marist Mission as Prophetic Dialogue.

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IFTAR Dinner 1st Sept 2010:  Speech to Guests of the Queensland Parliament

The importance of ongoing intercultural and interreligious dialogue is celebrated at annual IFTAR Dinners, Parliament House, Brisbane. Attention is given to the notable efforts of religious communities, multi-faith organisations and our Universities in promoting such dialogue. The importance of grass-roots dialogues of life and action is promoted.

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On Being Liked – James Alison – On Muslim-Christian Relations  [Book Review]

This book is a scholarly and creative contribution towards re-imagining a contemporary theology of salvation. In order to hear the Gospel as Good News, Alison suggests, we need to replace the age-old question – how does God deal with sin? – with what he considers to be the more profound question: how can we take up the divine initiative to share in the act of creation?

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Mysticism and Spirituality.  Part 1: Mysticism, Fullness of Life  [Book Review]

The English publication of Pannikar’s Opera Omnia emerges with this first of two books on Mysticism and Spirituality. These represent Panikkar’s own abridgement, refinement, selection and extension of his previous writings from the perspective of his final years.

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Mission Under Scrutiny: Confronting Current Challenges – J. Andrew Kirk   [Book Review]

What does it mean for the Christian Church to be missionary today in a “post-everything” world? In attempting to answer this question, Andrew Kirk focuses on the “post-modern” experience which he sees as an extension rather than the overturning of modern consciousness.

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Constants in Context:  A Theology of Mission for Today  [Book Review]

This work is a remarkable, scholarly exposition on the entire history of Christian mission from biblical times to the present. It then advocates a missionary model of “prophetic dialogue” as the ecumenical, integrating metaphor for Christian mission in the 21st century

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Invitation to Practical Theology:  Catholic Voices and Visions [Book Review]

The specific Catholic contribution to Practical Theology is surveyed.

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The Rhythm of Being:  The Gifford Lectures [Book Review]

Raimon Panikkar’s final, most comprehensive work is reviewed.

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The Resurrection Effect: Transforming Christian Life and Thought [Book Review]

The Resurrection is first and foremost an experience – or a “saturated phenomenon” – with explosive impact for Christian faith and theology.

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The Beatitude of Mercy: Love Watches Over Justice [Book Review]

The centrality of mercy is highlighted in this most readable yet challenging reflection

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Us and Them: Muslim – Christian Relations and Cultural Harmony in Australia [Book Review]

A timely work discussing challenges and proposing strategies for developing Muslim-Christian relations in Australia.

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Hyphenated Christians: Towards a Better Understanding of Dual religious Belonging  [Book Review]

An insightful work discussing the cogency of belonging to more than one single religious tradition.

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A selection of homilies initially written for the Majellan Sunday Bulletins, published by the Redemptorists, for use in Catholic Parishes throughout Australia.

Magellan Homilies 2020 – 2021     [Download PDF]

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